At Rubixx we stand for commitment, service and partnership, all of which our clients want and deserve. It is these three uncompromising core values that underpin everything that we do and define Rubixx as a business and shape our actions.


Do you expected high levels of service and engagement from your software suppliers and products? This is a given at Rubixx as we offer it within all our packages, no questions asked, and this is why we believe our customers start with one product but expand into many others.


Are you tired of other software suppliers making statements about great service but not providing you with true customer feedback? This is not the case with Rubixx as we allow all prospective sales access to our customers through social media and referencing testimonials, because our best sales people are our current customers. This is because we at Rubixx believe our success comes from our commitment to ensure our clients have the relationship they want and deserve from us.


Does your current software supplier drain you of every penny when you want an enhancement? We at Rubixx prefer to think long term rather than making a quick sale from customer needs. The features and enhancements that customers suggest are opportunities for us to improve. This is what make our products invaluable. Although we may be experts in Social Housing, Education and Facilities Management, you are the user and this is why we works closely with all our customers to provide relevant products.