Tired of your current
Housing Management System?

If you've had enough of your Housing Management System sending you to sleep then check out Rubixx Housing below!

What does Rubixx Housing include?

Fully Inclusive Modules

That's right... once you have Rubixx Housing, you have it! Rubixx Housing is fully inclusive which means that all the enhancements and new housing modules made over the next few years will be included in your releases.

Current Modules:

  • Properties

  • Occupancy

  • Work Orders

  • CRM

  • Planned Maintenance

  • Marketplace

  • H&S Compliance

  • Applications

  • Cases

  • Voids

  • Financial

  • Tasks

  • Document Management

  • Development

No annoying cold calls

Remember... all the modules are included so you won't get any pushy cold calls or annoying sales emails from us trying to sell you the newest 'thing' on the market.

The only regular contact your Account Manager will make with you will be focused on helping you get the most out of the system.

As a partner your journey of continuous improvement is important to us, so your Account Manager will only contact at a frequency agreed with you.

Updates Every 8 Weeks

We will make changes to the software all the time and the releases are put out every 8 weeks, meaning it’s up to date with the latest issues and challenges facing the sector.

With it being hosted in our secure cloud, we do the work to upgrade, you just need to enjoy the results. That’ll keep your business able to track current issues like disrepair, COVID and building safety. It also means that if you suggest an enhancement and it’s a good one, it’ll probably be on your screen within a couple of months!

See Rubixx Housing in action below!


Cost per asset per year, no upfront software license costs and tiered implementation options to suit you. No modules, no pushy account managers, just great software from people excited to work with you to continuously make it better.

In the interests of transparency, the only extra costs would be opt in pay per use services such as SMS or Autolettering.

AutoLetters are letters triggered from the system that go straight to managed print, get printed franked and sent for you, with a PDF going onto the relevant digital file. That can be arrears, rent increases or even auto contact updates when SMS messages bounce. That costs us money, so we pass that onto you.

  • Direct Award
  • £15.00
    Per Lettable Asset/Year

  • SHED Framework
  • £15.60
    Per Lettable Asset/Year

  • Tender Response
  • £20.00
    Per Lettable Asset/Year

Save money now!

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