Our Story

So who or what actually is Rubixx? No, we’re not the makers of a certain puzzle cube, we like to think we’re cooler than that. At Rubixx we specialise in producing cloud services for various organisations in the housing and finance sectors.

All of our software is built in-house with the help of our clients, we make software for our clients so it only makes sense to include them in this process. We pride ourselves on our ability to help solve issues and problems in a simple and easy way to best suit individual business needs.

Rubixx Solutions (Est 2018) is wholy owned by the 3 Directors and is a merger of 2 companies, M&R (Est 2005), a social housing finance provider, and Rubixx (Est 2016), a software provider creating portal addons to legacy HMS' and data management tools.

Tired of a monopolised market, the 3 directors decided to build Rubixx Housing and now building on that success Rubixx Accounts. Our secret sales strategy is to sell a modern system for a reasonable price, give fair exchange of value, good customer service and work with our clients to be our product experts and mainline strategic drivers. (Ssshhhhhh don't tell the competition though, they'll cotton and copy)

Rubixx has worked with the UK’s leading organisations to help shift their businesses into the online world and move away from dated solutions such as using on-premise servers and having to deal with yearly upgrade cycles (to name a few).

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients, that’s why we give our best service when dealing with our client base. That’s why, whenever you interact with us, there won’t be heaps of information filled with technical jargon, we want our solutions to be simple and easy to understand. That’s why you’ll never come across words like hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliphonia while talking to us!